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Grow Your Business with Notions!

Notions Marketing is a fulfillment center for consumer products.

Founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1938, we remain a family-owned-and-operated company
that has grown to become the world’s largest distribution center to the creative arts industry.

Exceptional customer service and state-of-the-art logistics have been instrumental in fueling
Notions’ growth for decades. Learn more about us.

Why do 10,000+ retailers and e-commerce partners
around the globe shop Notions?
It’s simple.
  • 105,000+ items in stock
  • 1,000+ brands
  • 20,000+ new items every year
  • 500+ dedicated employees

Thousands of businesses rely on us as their primary
distribution channel. Our product selection and speedy
delivery of goods sets us apart when selling your products.

We offer the best products on the market.
Crafts & More
Paper Crafts
Paper Crafts
Knit and Crochet
Knit & Crochet
Paint and More
Paint & More
Sewing and Quilting
Sewing & Quilting
Art Supplies
Art Supplies
Needle Arts
Needle Arts
We want you to be successful
when you partner with us.

Take advantage of numerous marketing vehicles
available to increase visibility of your products.

Notions lookbooks, emails and catalogs
Additional marketing opportunities are available for you to tell
your product’s story through advertising and custom marketing.
Notions’ buyers, inventory analysts and marketing specialists
are here to support you throughout the process.
Available marketing tools:
  • Website
  • Lookbooks
  • New Product Launches
  • Custom Email Marketing
The best brands choose Notions to grow their business.
With Notions, retailers get
what they want, when they need it.
Retailers and consumers rely on us for quick replenishment. We’re the back room for thousands of stores in over 90 countries around the globe.
We’re a family of dedicated employees ready to serve our vendors and customers. The goal of our sales and customer service experts is to sell your product and help you grow your business.
Notions has the latest advanced automated technology, warehouse storage systems and low direct labor costs. We pass the savings on to retailers.
We offer easy online ordering with in-stock visibility. We make it simple for retailers to shop, purchase product and grow their business.
Let us be your fulfillment partner!

In addition to distributing your products to our customers, Notions can
provide solutions for getting your products to your customers as well.

We’ve mastered the dynamics of the e-commerce industry and partner with many national retailers and marketplace accounts.

Here are just a few things we will eliminate for you:
  • Marketing and co-op fees
  • Complying with tight Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Small pack requirements
  • Handling fines associated with SLA and shipping performance
Circling the globe
B2C SolutionsB2B Solutions
Ship it all to Notions!
Notions Marketing specializes in both large Business to Business (B2B) and small Business to Consumer (B2C) orders. We are your one-stop logistics partner. Eliminate the headaches of managing minimum order quantities, backorders, invoicing, shipping and returns, and rely on Notions Marketing to provide exceptional customer service, on behalf of your company.

Third party logistics at Notions Marketing offers the
following solutions:

Forklift loading boxes
  • International vendors gain immediate access to over 10,000 accounts and marketplace websites
  • Our warehouse becomes
    your warehouse
  • Options available for fulfilling your B2B or B2C website orders
The benefits are endless:
  • Full catalog exposure
  • Competitive pricing models
  • On-time monthly payments for product sales
  • Detailed view of inventory for replenishment planning
  • Low monthly product storage rates
  • No receiving, order, pick or pack fees, like our competitors
  • Knowledgeable and responsive 3PL Inventory Analyst and Buying Team to support growing your business
Ready to increase your sales?